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The one where it was standing room only..

by The Pub Quiz Company
The one where it was standing room only..

A cracking night at the Crown tonight. Loads of teams, loads of people, loads of banter and loads of our regulars in.

A total of 12 teams took part, average team size of 4 -  we were happy with the turnout ;) Great to see some new teams become "regulars" now too.

The rounds this week were Movies, Geography, Music and General Knowledge.

Jukebox Bingo bought in some serious cash for the winners which was kindly split between two winners (it was too close to call who shouted first!).

Congrats to the winning team of Mr Stinks Bitches who came top with 50 points. The scores were as follows:

  1. Mr Stinks Bitches - 50
  2. The Great Fact Hunt - 49
  3. Five Bloody Orifices - 45
  4. Team Reply All - 45
  5. The Matching Team AKA The Golden Survivor - 44
  6. Just Us - 40
  7. J&L - 40
  8. Down Under & Beavers - 39.5
  9. Avocado Slayers 36.5
  10. She Meant To Swipe Left - 36
  11. Equizabeth - 35.5
  12. Twerkin Lurkers - 35

Average correct answers came in at 67% tonight!