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The one where people couldn't add up..

by The Pub Quiz Company
The one where people couldn't add up..

So it was a slightly chilly Wednesday night down in Preston Park, Brighton.  

After kicking off slightly later than normal, the quiz quickly became a closely fought battle (3.5 points seperating all the teams). Quick game of Jukebox Bingo while our quiz master was adding up the scores and after a couple of recounts (one team really couldn't add their score up correctly) the winning team were team Shit Pit, who walked away with the kitty of 30 odd quid. 

Scores were:

  1. The Perverts - 49
  2. The Tap 3 - 46.5
  3. Team With No Name - 46
  4. Wham Bam Thank You Mam - 45.5

Average score for the night was a rather impressive 75%