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The one with the superheros

by The Pub Quiz Company
The one with the superheros

6 teams came out to play at The Bear this week, the students have drifted away.. Sad times.

However, we had a good night, a great bit of banter back and forth and the team that didn't want to play, did and enjoyed themselves - we told them they would. Sadly, they came last.

Anyways, free pizza and a special dressing up bonus round ensured the night was enjoyable. Oh yeah, the dressing up.. Basically bin liners and newspaper with some pipe cleaners thrown in for good measure. Our teams had to come up with a superhero and give our quizmaster the back story to it.

He was impressed, amazing what you can make from a bit of old crap.

Scores on the doors:

  1. Team With No Name - 69.5
  2. 2 Ginger Nut And A Hobnob - 55
  3. Famous Five - 51
  4. Boots And Cats - 50
  5. I Don't Know - 49
  6. The Lonely Land - 47.5

Congrats to The Team with no name for winning the cash prize and 2 Ginger Nuts and a hobnob for grabbing the bottle of wine for coming second.