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The one with the cheating manager..

by The Pub Quiz Company
The one with the cheating manager..

Great night, not only were we busy, but we also had the Honey Monster make an appearance.. Or was it James in a yellow jumper? Not sure, doesn't matter.

Let's start off the the whole cheating thing, on the way to the quiz our quizmaster was messaged by the manager who we shan't name. They had made a bet with another of the teams about who was going to win. So nameless manager (we shall call him Rafa from now on) was trying to get that nights quiz out of Quiz Master. Our QM finally relented and sent Rafa one, unfortunately it was one from 3 years ago that he had hanging around in his email. Needless to say, that didn't work too well.

Anyways, a great atmosphere this time round. No tables free, 14 teams, lots of new faces mingling in with the regulars.

As usual, 4 rounds in the quiz. Movies, Nicknames, Music and General Knowledge. An overall 66% pass rate this time round (slightly lower than normal...).

Congrats to Kim And The Rocketmen for getting 50.5 out of 62 and coming in first place, they proudly (and loudly) won the bar tab.

Scores on the doors were:

Kim And The Rocketmen 50.5
We Should Have Used The Joker On Round One 48.5
I'm a quizzard Harry 48
Bitches Of Eastwick 46.5
Sashay Away 45
Just Us 44
The Murderers 43.5
Quiztina Aguilera 43
The Young Ones 39.5
The Queen Nose 34
O Mons 33.5
Craggy Islands 32.5
1 Boy, 1 Girl And A Pint Glass 32.5
The BM & Co Frenchies 30


As usual, thanks to everyone that took part and hopefully see you all again next time we're at the crown.!