The one with the students!

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The one with the students!

The one with the students!

So we were at The Bear on Sunday and bejesus it was busy. 75 people turned up, which meant a lovely £75 jackpot was waiting for the winners.

It's great to see some old faces (who tend to stick to one side of the pub) and the new students (who are on the other). Angry Donald Trump Jnr was there too!

Bonus Family Fortunes round this week, whilst we waited for the pizzas to arrive (which once they had, vanished within a few minutes). Was like watching a flock of seagulls going after a chip.

Thanks to the guy who loudly pointed out our trick question, good to feel smug? Sadly, it gave all teams 1 point. Remember, we don't often make mistakes with our questions so sometimes you need to just roll with it and let it play out.

Round one was TV (surprised how many people didn't know where Stranger Things was set). Two was numbers, Three music and Four was as usual General Knowledge.

Jukebox bingo took a big haul aswell, the winner (who was also on the winning team) walked away with over £30 (sorry, we know he won more than 1 line - we will update the game to sort that out!).

So yeah, £75 went to the winners. Bottle of wine to 2nd placers and a bottle of sours to the team whose team name made our quizmaster laugh a lot.

Expect a different bonus round next week. ;)

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