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Pub Quizzes are a great way of boosting trade on traditionally quieter trading nights.

Why Choose Us?

We are firm believers that quizzes should be fun. Our quizzes aren't aimed at Einstein wannabes, they are aimed at people who want to come out for a good fun night. If the average score isn't above 60% we don't think that we have done our job right!.


We write all our quizzes from scratch and we tailor our nights to suit your regular customers.


Our quiz masters have many years of working in the entertainment industry, they certainly aren't mic shy and know how to personally engage your customers, which generally leads to increased enjoyment for participants.


We aim for our nights to be inclusive of all ages and all interests. It's not in our, or your, interests to have people who aren't engaged in the night.


In most cases we can easily plug in to your existing sound system. No big ugly speakers blighting your venue. We also provide everything else the night needs.

About The Pub Quiz Company

Hey, that's our mixer!

We are a Brighton based quiz company who provide Pub, Charity and Corporate quiz nights in and around London and Sussex.

We have based our business on the fact that Pub Quiz Nights should be fun and inclusive for all that take part, no one likes to go to a quiz and be made to feel stupid (we know, we've been there and experienced that!). Happy customers usually equal repeat customers.

We do our best to tailor our quizzes to suit your venue and customers whilst also making sure our questions aren't easily answerable with a phone (it happens, we've all seen it people cheat at quizzes!.

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