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Quiz Night Terms And Conditions


Everyone wants a fun night, no one wants rules or regs to be in place when having fun. Sadly, sometimes we have to. Yeah, it's annoying we get that. However, this ensures that everyone has fun. There's only a few and they are pretty simple, but hey it's a claim world so we like to cover our asses. So read on and behave!

At our quiz nights

What you agree to when taking part

As explained, pretty simple but by taking part in our quiz nights you agree to the following:

No Cheating, that's obvious. This includes but is not limited to searching the internet for answers, messaging or calling friends not taking part in the quiz, peering at other tables answers. - no one likes cheats, don't be that team. Your team may be deducted points or removed from the quiz altogether.

You agree for photos of the night to be taken and posted online (either our website, social media sites or any other site we deem suitable). If you don't want a close up photo of your team for whatever reason (maybe you threw a sickie?) then please let our quizmaster know when he wanders round!

You must heckle, but only if it is funny. No one likes a crap or abusive heckler ("all of them" is a crap heckle fyi!).

Don't be phsyically or verbally abusive to the Quiz Master or the Staff at the venue. That's just being a douche and you'll probably get booted out of the night for that.

Told you there wasn't many, now have a great night!