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The Crown

Thursday 5th October 2017

We had 13 teams take part in this quiz, overall 72% of questions were answered correctly. The scores on the doors were as follows:

Team Score
Taking Care Of Quizness 55.0
Mr Toast Loves Mr Quackers 54.5
Captain Lavender & Friends 54.5
A-Team Or Everton 48.0
Mebs 4 47.5
Quiz On My Face 47.0
Just Us 46.5
My Favourite Team 42.0
The Queens Nose 40.5
Smarty Pants 39.5
Quiz On My Face 35.5
Marcus From Fargo 33.5
Something About Mary 33.0

The next quiz is Thursday May 30, 2019 at 7:30pm
The weather is meant to be 10°C and Clear

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